Enhancing the Job Search Experience through Human-Centered Design

The Company

The project was carried out for the Professional Beauty Group, a reputable company in the beauty and wellness industry. The Professional Beauty Group organises leading exhibitions, awards and conferences as well as publishing print and digital magazines for salons, spas and aesthetic professions.


Professional Beauty Group



Target Markets

UK, Ireland, Africa, India


User Research  | Brainstorming For Idea Validation & Opportunity Evaluation  |  Design Thinking  |  Information Architecture  |  Taxonomy |  Interaction Design & Prototyping  |  Interface Design & Design Systems  |  Visual Communication Design  |  Development Support

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Client Testimonial


The landscape of talent acquisition in the beauty and wellness industry has long been distinct from traditional corporate models. Here, skilled professionals often reside in vibrant, informal networks, readily collaborating through WhatsApp groups and Telegram channels.

Traditional recruitment platforms struggled to penetrate this unique ecosystem, leaving a wide talent pool untapped and businesses facing recruitment challenges. This case study explores the innovative solution developed by Kohot, a platform that bridges the gap between hidden talent and business needs, revolutionizing the way recruitment unfolds in this dynamic sector.

Business Landscape

Poised to touch $20 Billion by 2025, India’s beauty industry is compounding at a CAGR of 20%. This has created a demand for around 15 Million skilled workforce in this industry.

But with such explosive growth comes a hidden challenge: finding and hiring the 15 million skilled professionals needed to keep the industry thriving. Traditional recruitment methods simply can’t keep up, leaving businesses scrambling and talent frustrated. 

The Task

The task was clear: shake up the beauty industry’s recruitment game! PBG needed a solution that addressed the unique challenges of this dynamic space, a platform that could tap into the hidden talent pool and make finding the perfect fit as seamless as applying lipstick. We were ready to roll up our sleeves and craft a product that would bridge the gap between businesses and professionals, leaving the old-fashioned methods in the dust.

Project type & Engagement model

More than just a design and development project, Kohot was an “idea to market” collaboration. We partnered with PBG, rolling up our sleeves to take their vision from pixel to profit.

From crafting the user experience to building the platform and guiding its market launch, this was a true team effort with shared ownership and success.

Process & Tasks

Every project tells its own story. The tasks might sound familiar, but the canvas behind them is always unique. Understanding PBG’s vision, the challenges of the beauty industry, and the needs of its diverse workforce – that’s what truly shaped our process for Kohot. It was a journey of discovery, not a checklist to tick off.


Our research unearthed surprising insights that challenged our assumptions and redefined the way we thought about talent acquisition in the beauty world.

Get ready to dive deeper into these discoveries in the next section, where we’ll meet the faces and stories behind the personas and see how their needs shaped the very core of the Kohot platform.

Persona 1


Owner/ Recruiter

Salon Owner in Bangalore

Maya’s heart is in her salon, a vibrant little place on a busy street corner. She has 4 more Spas that keep her on her toes. But behind the glamorous facade lies a constant struggle: finding talented stylists who click with her vision and clientele. Word-of-mouth works, but it’s slow and unreliable. WhatsApp groups offer a glimpse into hidden talent, but sifting through endless messages feels like searching for diamonds in a glitter shower. Maya dreams of a platform that understands her needs, a place where talent shines through and connections spark instantly. 

Persona 2



Aspiring Hairstylist

Oliver’s fingers play with combs and scissors, painting stories on strands of hair. But his talent languishes in a small-town salon, yearning for a bigger stage. The traditional route – endless resumes and cold calls – feels like a closed door. He finds solace in online communities, sharing tips and dreams with fellow stylists. When Kohot enters his world, it’s like a spotlight aimed at his passion. He uploads his portfolio and showcases his skills through a video resume, and suddenly, opportunities come by the dozen. Oliver packs his bags for Bangalore, Kohot paving the way for his career to soar.

Persona 3


Recruitment Agent

Recruitment Pan India

Richard’s phone is his lifeline, constantly buzzing with salon requests and stylist aspirations. He juggles calls, negotiates rates, and plays matchmaker in the beauty industry’s hidden talent market. However traditional methods are time-consuming and inefficient, leaving him longing for a better way.

He dreamed of a platform, a digital haven where employers could browse pre-vetted skills like browsing a curated art gallery, and stylists could showcase their magic with video clips and dazzling portfolios.

Key Findings

The research threw up a few surprising findings which are listed below. But the crux of the problem was that this industry operated much like the design industry which involved a lot of show and tell. The candidates needed to showcase their skills much like how the designers showcase their design portfolio.

On the employer’s side, the problem statement was even more clear – they needed to fill in vacancies within hours and not days or weeks.

The beauty and wellness industry operates differently from conventional industries. Personal connections and networking play a critical role in job seeking, which is often not addressed by standard job portals.

Many job seekers in this industry were found to be dissatisfied with the standard job search process, feeling that it was cumbersome, time-consuming, and lacking personalization.

There was a clear desire among professionals for continuous learning and upskilling, emphasizing the need for a platform that could offer relevant educational resources and certifications tailored to industry demands.

The research might have revealed that job seekers often relied on informal channels like WhatsApp, indicating a preference for more personal and direct communication methods.

Both job seekers and employers in the industry may have expressed the need for a user-friendly interface that simplifies the recruitment process and makes it accessible to those who may not be tech-savvy.

Emphasizing personal relationships, the research could have shown that job seekers value opportunities where they feel a connection to the company culture and team, rather than just viewing the position as a transactional opportunity.

Given the nature of the industry, visual aesthetics and presentation might have been found to be essential, reflecting the artistic and creative elements that resonate with beauty and wellness professionals.

Job seekers might have shared frustrations regarding their inability to differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive market, indicating a need for a platform that can highlight their unique skills and experiences.

Despite relying on traditional methods like WhatsApp, there might have been an openness and curiosity towards embracing modern, AI-based solutions if they align with the industry’s unique characteristics.

The use of informal channels might have brought up concerns regarding the security and privacy of personal information, emphasizing the need for a platform that ensures data protection.

Information Architecture

We had to dig deeper and we went on to create detailed User Journey Maps for each persona. The Candidate Journey Map is given below.

Journey Maps

We had to dig deeper and we went on to create detailed User Journey Maps for each persona. The Candidate Journey Map is given below.


This is usually the most overlooked part of the design process. Where the key findings are used to come up with a solution and furthermore the solution gets designed into a product. The first activity in this process is User Story Mapping.

Our team then delved into detailed user story mapping, meticulously charting the user’s journey from onboarding to advanced interactions. By dissecting each user’s experience into detailed narratives, we identified key touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for innovation.


We had to dig deeper and we went on to create detailed User Journey Maps for each persona. The Candidate Journey Map is given below.

Maya craves a platform that cuts through the noise and connects her with talent who share her vision and can click with her clients. Kohot becomes her secret weapon, offering pre-vetted profiles, seamless communication, and a perfect match for her salon’s needs.

Colors, Typography











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Carefully crafted to harmonize with Kohot’s vibrant personality, our illustrations are more than mere decorations—they are storytellers. From engaging onboarding screens to intuitive navigation cues, these illustrations worked as the visual anchors which gave the users an immersive and delightful journey.

Splash Screens

Elevating the first interaction with Kohot, our splash screens serve as a captivating prelude to the user experience. Designed with a blend of sophistication and simplicity, these screens provide a glimpse into the app’s capabilities and functionalities while setting the tone for what awaits. 

India’s first-ever recruitment platform exclusively for the beauty and wellness community

Find staff fast, without any hassle

Reach out instantly to a pool of relevant candidates

Search from a large talent pool, today!

Save recruitment time and energy and focus on growing your business revenue

Candidate Profile Screens

Within Kohot, Candidate Profile Screens redefine recruitment by seamlessly integrating audio and video resumes. This innovative feature not only empowers candidates to showcase language skills dynamically but also provides recruiters with a richer, more authentic understanding of each individual. The concise design ensures efficient tabbed navigation, allowing recruiters to make informed decisions swiftly and enhancing the overall hiring experience.

Home Screen for Candidate & Recruiter


Kohot introduces a paradigm shift in recruitment communication through instant chat screens, seamlessly integrating video, audio, and screen share features. 

Candidate screens

Recruiter screens

Kohot empowers candidates by offering a platform where they can authentically express their skills through dynamic multimedia features, presenting a unique advantage in the competitive job market.


Kohot’s Job Screens enhanced the job search experience with interactive maps for location-based exploration and personalized skill matching, providing candidates with a uniquely intuitive and tailored approach to finding their ideal opportunities.

In Conclusion

With a clear objective, efficiency flourishes. Our objective was clearly defined, and within a period of six months, we successfully achieved the research, design, development, testing, and app store placement phases of the project. The app was launched in December 2022 and has garnered positive reviews from both users and recruiters. We are excited to move ahead with the next stage of development, which includes incorporating AI-assisted features and supporting our client in expanding their business.