By Design

Success is the outcome of connecting the right dots and doing the right things. We help companies design, develop and scale their products and businesses - predictably.

By Design

Success is the outcome of connecting the right dots and doing the right things. We help companies design, develop and scale their products and businesses - predictably.

At Invendes (formerly UXD), purpose meets design, and ideas become solutions.

We’re a group of designers, and developers working together to create memorable digital experiences that not just dazzle, but solve real problems. We work with ambitious firms to get the most out of their products & people by combining solid design expertise with intelligent technology & sound design thinking
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Why Us?

Building success, one right move at a time

We engineer predictable product journeys from design to scale.

Building a successful product requires a strategic roadmap and proven execution. We leverage our experience working with over 250 clients to guide you through the entire development lifecycle, from initial concept to achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF). Our team combines deep industry knowledge with a data-driven approach, ensuring you make the “right moves” at every stage.

Knowing Where to Hit

Senior Leadership with Decisive Expertise.

Ever pour resources into a project that sputters out? We’ve all been there. That’s why we prioritize experienced leadership. Every project gets a dedicated senior manager, often a co-founder. Think of them as your product guru, wielding the wisdom of the old mechanic.

Our senior team, with decades of experience, acts as your partner. They identify potential roadblocks and ensure you build the right features, maximizing efficiency. They know where to hit, saving you time, money, and frustration.

AI-Powered Design

Unlocking User Insights and Innovation.

We believe intelligent design goes beyond aesthetics. Our team utilizes cutting-edge AI tools to gain deeper user insights, predict user behavior, and take informed design decisions. This translates to experiences that are both intuitive and innovative, giving your product a competitive edge.

Seamless Collaboration

Design and Development in Sync.

A seamless handoff between design and development is critical for product success. We break down traditional silos and foster a collaborative environment. Our streamlined process ensures design and development work in perfect harmony, eliminating time-consuming iterations and ensuring a product that launches flawlessly.

Streamlined Efficiency

A One-Stop Shop for Your Product Journey

We understand the challenges faced by startup founders. Juggling multiple vendors can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive solution under one roof. We partner with the best in branding, UX design, development, and growth services. This allows you to access the expertise you need without the burden of managing multiple vendors, saving you valuable time and resources. Focus on your vision, and let us handle the execution.

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Product Research, Innovation, Strategy & Solutioning

Forget cookie-cutter solutions and paint-by-numbers strategies. We’re the Sherlocks of the product landscape, uncovering hidden opportunities and crafting bespoke roadmaps for success. Whether you’re a disruptive startup or an established player seeking reinvention, we’ll help you crack the code of your target market, identify gaps crying out for solutions, and chart a course to dominate the playing field. Think of us as your product whisperers, guiding you to innovative solutions that redefine the game.

Product Documentation, Modelling, Structure & Design

Building a product isn’t about design and code, it’s about emotional architecture. We delve deep into the DNA of your customers, unearthing their desires, anxieties, and everything in between. Armed with market research, data-driven insights, and a dash of design intuition, we sculpt the perfect user experience, crafting journeys that not only engage but enthrall. Forget clunky interfaces and confusing workflows – we build products that feel effortlessly intuitive, leaving your users singing your praises (and coming back for more).

Full stack Web & Native app Development

We’re the architects of elegant and efficient code, sculpting digital solutions that are as robust as they are visually captivating. We craft custom-built software that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Every feature and flow is infused with our understanding of your users, your brand, and your unique vision. Our creations transcend mere utility; they are pixel-perfect incarnations of your brand story, woven into an experience that resonates deeply and endures.

Go-To-Market Strategy Product Marketing & Promotion

Well, in reality, the hard work starts once you launch and you cannot do it alone. Don’t get stuck with limp launches and forgotten products. We’re the hype- whisperers, the megaphones for your revolutionary ideas. We orchestrate market entries that turn heads and ignite imaginations. From crafting compelling narratives to designing data-driven strategies, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your impact. Your product deserves a standing ovation, and we’ll write the script, direct the spotlights, and ensure the entire world hears your encore.